What I love and hate about the new MacBook Pro 2017

Ok so I have been using the MacBook Pro for a while now.

There are now a few things I have begun to hate and love about the new MacBook Pro with the touch panel.


I hate it, it is just way to large. I tried to get used to it, but my hands are sitting to the side of it in an awkward position or running all over it. It is super annoying, the previous touch pad was perfect. I guess I need to re-learn how to use it, but isn’t that not the point of a MacBook?


This is what I already have mentioned in previous articles.

Big HATE here.

  1. It falls asleep – the touch bar keep sleeping! – They are keys, I need you! stop disappearing .
  2. If your watching a video for example, you need to hit esc twice. TWICE, this does not flow well, its like a double tap on a key to do what you would normally do with one tap. It becomes very annoying after a while.
  3. The esc key is slightly off center to the right.  So you need to not only tap it twice, but remember and relearn its to the right, so essentially its three taps to press esc once.  Frustrated much?
  4. Buggy- the emojis are buggy, it sometimes doesn’t work. This may get better, but I am used to Apple products working.


Where do I start. Every port on earth is not a thunderbolt port. I hate the port config.

1)Get yourself lots of adapters and connectors – this is a macbook pro, not an air. I shouldn’t have to buy more and more cables and ugly adapters that make it all feel like an afterthought.

Simply put there isn’t enough of them for a $4000 laptop.


These are actually great, I do love them, clear clean and crisp as well as loud.


You can charge pretty easily from any thunderbolt device, so its very handy. This aspect is good. Though I probably only needed 1-2 ports and other useful ports like HDMI or USB 3.0 for example.


Unless safari is your only browser, don’t get the touchbar, nothing works on it for Chrome for example.


mixed bag here, For a Pro, I feel it is very under powered especially with an old 6th Gen processor I find this unacceptable considering that the 7th Gen intel processor is available. However for basic editing and work it is powerful. You can read my other thoughts here about it.

Battery life

I didn’t get the advertised 10 hours on final cut, actually got nowhere near it, considering it is not that powerful of a machine, I would have expected more.


If the dongle life is not for you, dont get it. If you are Apple all the way, nothing can upset you on this. For me I was really disappointed with the touch bar, not impressed with the touch pad and the lack of ports was a final slap to the face. However the sound quality is nice and so is the screen but for $4000 so is everything else everywhere else.