Wearable tech is going nowhere fast – Fitbit buying Pebble

It is no real secret within the industry that smart watches are not selling that well and even when they are they are not leaving the manufacturer with that much money.

Pebble for me was a real hero, it came out of kick starter guns blazing and really gave meaning to this sub genre of computing.

Late yesterday it was reported that Fitbit is working on buying Pebble. The price and details are yet to be confirmed but it looks like they have agreed to agree for now.

The wearable tech market, so far which is just smart watches, is not having the best time. Android just delayed its next version of Android Wear, while the main Korean and Chinese manufacturers like LG and Huawei have not launched their latest product. The two main companies Samsung and Apple have not really been able to inspire the category either.

The main leader of wearable tech has been Fitbit in this category, even though they are rated as number one, their share price has been pounded lately. For Fitbit to transition into smart watches, it makes sense to buy Pebble, which is just smart watches.

Smart watches haven’t really done anything or made an impact  and even Apple switched to marketing it from a smart phone extension to a fitness companion. So the only real growth or meaning for wearable tech has been as a fitness device.

Based on this logic, the fitbit/pebble match up is the perfect combination for smart wearable tech which is basically a fitness device that looks like a watch.

Pebble did recently make a change to its marketing by going towards the  fitness perspective and the minimalist design suits fitbit as well. While I wish I could have seen Pebble do much better as I was one of the original backers of the first Pebble smart watch. It does not seem as though the wearable tech industry has any other choice than to pursue this path of “fitness on your wrist and read messages perspective”