The world’s thinnest laptop – And?

I have been checking out the Acer Swift 7, the worlds thinnest laptop at around 12 mm with the rubber feet included.

That is crazy thin, about 40% thinner than a MacBook Air, it runs on the new 7th Gen Kaby Lake Intel Lowe power Core i5 processor with 256GB of SSD. The 13″ screen is so so though as it is reflective, however every other spec is ok on it.

I felt for $1100 USD ($1999 AUD ic GST) that it was overpriced, considering it only has two USB type C ports and also no backlit keyboard.

I mean you could have made it a little thicker say by 1mm and given us a proper keyboard.

The battery life also was not very good and I only got about 5 hours battery life on it, considering Acer advertises 9 hours.

Temperature of the machine was reasonable, I just think though this ultrabook was designed purely for the bragging rights of having the worlds thinnest laptop, which doesn’t really mean much to the average user any more.