The thinnest notebook ever – why the race to be rice paper thin is so meaningful.

Ok, for a while now, other than the purpose of having all out bragging rights, why does it matter to be so thin?

The new MacBook Air is so thin, its lost its ports. Is that not what the air is supposed to be? if the Pro was for productivity or professionals, why is it just a glorified facebook machine? I don’t like the new keyboard the keys feel way to touch screen like typing and having to buy dongles and connectors is just an after thought, don’t get me started on the graphics card (will write about that separately).


Behold the After thought

Come to the new HP Spectre,  super thin. super light, super expensive, does anyone actually care? Does it matter that much, I mean if it was 50 grams heavier and 2 mm thicker, would it matter?


That leaves the new Acer Swift 7 in a super awkward spot. Thin beyond belief. 9 Hours battery life, great. But no back light keyboard, lack of a few ports (still out does the MacBook Pro at half the price) but why do we need to go so super thin?

I mean if it weighed 100 grams more and was 2 mm thicker, it could potentially have 12 hours battery life, some more ports and probably feel a lot stronger as well. Not to mention have room for  a better keyboard with some more travel height on the keys. Would that not be a notebook worth having?

The quest for bragging rights and chest beating is just making products to be  headline savvy. “Look at me for two minutes please I am super thin and that is about it” I really see room to do the right thing here for other brands.