The real reason why the MacBook Pro cannot support more than 16GB RAM

Simply put, because Apple chose older tech, the processor they are using in the MacBook Pro cannot support more than 16GB of memory.

The reason of having a longer battery life is not entirely true.  Phil Schiller says so but we think memory managed correctly will have minimal impact on power consumption. Apples explanation is very simplistic and not entirely honest.

“Schiller: The MacBook Pro uses 16GB of very fast LPDDR memory, up to 2133MHz. To support 32GB of memory would require using DDR memory that is not low power and also require a different design of the logic board which might reduce space for batteries. Both factors would reduce battery life.”

Without getting too technical: Here is why.

LPDDR3 memory is what the MacBook Pro uses, on Intels sky lake architecture, the maximum memory it can use is 16GB of memory because of the type of controller used with LPDDR3.  Skylake processors can use a maximum of 32GB in the Core i5 with DDR3L/DDR4 and 64GB RAM in i7 config only with DDR4 memory.

So LPDDR3 in the 6th Gen processor cannot use more than 16GB RAM becuase of the controller, even though the processor could support it if better RAM was used with a better design. The bottle neck here is the RAM and having older CPU’s doesn’t help.

Wait you say: Better design? Who designs better than Apple?

So would battery life be affected with DDR4 RAM for example? I would say marginally. Boutique brands like Venom have used DDR3L and DDR4 with higher memory and have made great machines by utilizing better designs and components.  Where a boutique brand like Venom probably fails is in it is too small to get noticed and probably cannot advertise as much as Apple does.

The MacBook Pro 13 shamefully uses the Dual Core U line processor, you would expect the top of the line Mac Books to have something with grunt, even the entry level Venom BlackBook Zero’s use this same processor and that’s where Venom starts and not ends like Apple does.

Intel 6th Gen i5-6360u

Intel 6th Gen i5-6267u

The i7 processor in the MacBook Pro 15 is the

Intel 6th Gen i7-6700HQ

Intel 6th Gen i7-6820HQ

Not only is the choice of memory and CPU shameful for the top of line MacBok Pro the graphics cards used are deplorable for the Pro edition as well. I though we were supposed to be able create stuff?

  • However, do people care? that is the golden question.