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3 Reasons to upgrade to faster, better computers

It is no secret that older computers run slow and cost your business directly in repairs and downtime. In addition to this your customers data is probably at risk in and in turn you are risking your business.

1) Increased Productivity

Productivity comes from having less input than output, so in a business case, if you or your employee  could save just two hours a week by using a more capable PC that was faster or more mobile and  could for example handle an additional external monitor, how much of a saving would that two hours multiplied by 52 weeks per year be?… Read More

An Exciting new Thin and light laptop computer coming, Wait the MacBook Pro? nah

I just did some digging around and it looks like a really nice thin and light notebook computer with actual ports you can use is on the horizon.



It’s no secret (from my recent posts) I kind have gotten tired of Apples approach to the PC, the iphone is awesome and the ipad is very usable, but for $5000 I really expected more from the MacBook Pro. … Read More

Happy Australia Tax – Proof people down under pay more for the same.


Why do some multi national corporations seemingly continue to enjoy punishing Australians for living in a beautiful country by charging them up to 241% more?

A recent article in PCWorld shows a Dell laptop for $1449 USD being available in Australia for $4605 AUD approximately ($3500 USD)

“What do you get for that extra $2696?… Read More