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Can you be tracked online when downloading illegally and legally?

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The Dallas Buyers Club LLC v iiNet Limited piracy court case raises many questions about what sort of trail people leave when they use technology to make illegal copies of movies and other copyrighted material.

The Federal Court of Australia has ruled that iiNet and a number of other internet service providers (ISPs) are required to disclose details of 4,726 of their account holders alleged to have been used to illegally download the movie over the internet via BitTorrent.… Read More

Pirates – The Dallas Buyers Club is coming for you.


According to news today, a Judge in Sydney’s Federal court as ruled that a preliminary discovery should be granted to the rights holder.

This means:

iiNet will have to hand over the names and home addresses of almost 5000 of its customers to a third party that may attempt to sue them for copyright infringement, after the ISP lost its legal stoush with the owners of the film Dallas Buyers Club today.… Read More