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New Venom BlackBook Zero rumor roundup: What we know so far.

I have been following Venom with its crafty approach to mobile computing for a short while now and I have to admit I am very interested in their upcoming Venom BlackBook Zero 14. Going by their previous press releases that being super thin for the sake of being super thin is not their thing, a purposeful and usable design is expected.… Read More

An Exciting new Thin and light laptop computer coming, Wait the MacBook Pro? nah

I just did some digging around and it looks like a really nice thin and light notebook computer with actual ports you can use is on the horizon.



It’s no secret (from my recent posts) I kind have gotten tired of Apples approach to the PC, the iphone is awesome and the ipad is very usable, but for $5000 I really expected more from the MacBook Pro. … Read More