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Pebble – From Kickstarter sensation to Fitbit shutdown

I was one of the first to back Pebble, it was the first smartwatch, the first decent one. This proves however that being first doesn’t guarantee success.

When Pebble was taking on Apple and Google it was a real David vs Goliath story, the acquisition by Fitbit could have been a good thing for Fitbit, because even Apple has changed the smartwatch into another fitness device with add on features strapped to your wrist.… Read More

#FirstWorldProblems – Apple Watch – Just too common? Stand aside peasants!


It seems like the problem with the Apple watch is going to be that it is also available to other “commoners” does exclusive also mean it should be available to everyone?

According to Gizmodo it seems that this is the exact problem, no matter how flash, desirable or expensive the product is, the fact that everyone wants it, means that it just for the commoner and it is no longer exclusive or special regardless of the fact that its $15,000

According to Luke HopeWell at Gizmodo 

“Look at every single luxury jeweller and watch vendor on the High Street and you notice they all have one thing in common: they’re exclusive.Read More