New Venom BlackBook Zero rumor roundup: What we know so far.

I have been following Venom with its crafty approach to mobile computing for a short while now and I have to admit I am very interested in their upcoming Venom BlackBook Zero 14. Going by their previous press releases that being super thin for the sake of being super thin is not their thing, a purposeful and usable design is expected.

The first time I heard about Venom was back in 2013 when they were talking about releasing the BlackBook Zero and doing their market research.  TechRadar first reported it then. Fast forward to 2016 and the 2017 edition looks like a fine piece of metal.

Full metal case

A report from Venom allows me to  confirm that the entire case is made of metal. The first imagery also substantiates this claim. This means it’s a lot like the current award winning BlackBook Zero 13 in materials.

Super Thin – Yet with purpose

A study of photos showing the actual ports indicate that the thickest part of the notebook is only a little bit bigger than a USB port. We estimate this to be about 8mm/0.3″ only, and that is for the thickest part.  Using the USB port as a ratio to measure the screen thickness, we can estimate the lid and top half of the notebook to be around 4mm/0.15″. That puts this bad boy at around 1.2cm, just under half an inch, in height and #nodongles needed. From the picture below, it is pretty evident that the right-hand side has all the ports you need without needing a port replicator. The left-hand side seems to have more ports as well. I suppose this is also what is meant by #getitdone. Functional computing.  What is the point of being super thin and taking all the functionality out with the lack of ports?


14″ Design

With the way tech is now, it looks like they may have been able to cram a 14″ screen into a 13″ design. The name BlackBook Zero is a pretty good indicator of the following:

  1. It’s 14″ (Zero 14, get it?).
  2. It’s part of the Zero range of BlackBooks, which essentially means it caters to 95% of windows users; productive for work and fun and entertainment for the after hours – or in between. So essentially, as long as you are not going to need to 3D render, this is for you; basically a MacBook Pro with ports.
  3. It’s a BlackBook, so it is going to look like something the Knight Rider would use.
  4. It’s from Venom, so it is going to be quick, if #windowsisbetteronvenom is any indicator.

Touchpad/Touch Screen

If this image is anything to go by, it doesn’t have a touch screen, since it is about productivity and purposeful design. Plus, I think, the well-sized touchpad is a giveaway. The new MacBook Pro Touch Pad is too much of a good thing, just too big and in the way. Going from the size of ratio of the keys, which are about 15mm, then the touchpad is about 75mm or 0.59 inches in height. Using the same ratio, I would put the width of the touchpad at about 10cm; around 3.93 inches. That to me is the perfect size that requires no new learning.


All Day Long

Now this could mean a lot of things, but previous press releases indicate all day computing, which may sound like the same thing. However, I have a sneaky suspicion with the slogan for this model being: “Get It Done, All Day Long”. Venom is indicating you will be able to do more than before, for a longer time. This to me means at least 8 hours proper use, but most likely with the newest tech around at least 10 hours.

Stay tuned for more.