K-2SO a sign of things to come? The rules of war in automated war machines.

I really enjoyed the new star wars movie, Rogue one. Great story line, great casting and acting. It was probably more a war movie than a traditional science fiction film, think of Saving Private Ryan meets Star Wars.

Many of the characters were interesting, Donnie Yen did brilliantly with  Chirrut Îmwe, who was a character close to the force, but not a Jedi and seeing Darth Vadar again as a full in depth evil overlord was fabulous. He is just too cool.

The best character was K-2SO for me, spelled Kaytoo Esso. K-2SO was a KX series security droid. It was a autonomous droid that was not connected to a specific system, it naturally has to rely on artificial intelligence as it needs to carry out orders, autonomously. Now K-2SO was originally part of the Galactic empire’s armed forces, Capatain Cassian captures it, re-programs it to be part of the rebel alliance and somewhere during this process you get an autonomous droid who has as a  side effect,  developed moodiness, sarcasm and the ability to be even more autonomous with decision making.  Beside being also humorous it made me think two things about the coming age of robotics and AI.

  1. Battle droids if to be effective in real life, will also need to be autonomous, meaning they can be captured and “reprogrammed”. Essentially defectors. How do you protect your autonomous killing machine from falling into the wrong hands, being captured and used against you?
  2. Autonomous battle robots and machinery, need some kind of “battle code” I mean how do you ensure the Geneva convention is protected? You would need to build into an autonomous war machine,  the rules of war.

The below video, may be a little disturbing but it does illustrate the complexities of having to design a war machine that would follow the rules of war, and why this would be important.  The Rules of war demonstrated in the below video, would need to be implemented into the foundations of any design.

So K-2SO provided a glimpse of what I would think would be of the things to come. Besides being entertaining I think it was very educational and thought provoking to watch.