Facebook to fight fake news – with some help of course.

So it looks like Facebook has taken a step in dealing with the endless amount of fake news being circulated and then re-circulated.

Facebook has vowed to stop fake news and hoaxes being spreed.

If you are not already aware, this is a real issue, in a day and age where being first is more important than being true, endless amounts of stories that are being shared are simply not true.

There will be a whole new array of fact checking algorithms that link to sites such as factcheck.org and snopes.com that will mark the article you are sharing as “disputed” this may become a little embarrassing especially as it could appear after you have shared it to your friends and it has gone on to be shared 100,000 times more.

The financial incentives of creating click bait articles will hopefully be diminished and maybe things like the lies spread on all sides of the Clinton and Trump campaign will not happen again, after all it affected pretty much everyone on earth.