CGI and aliens – Hollywood is getting an upgrade – Finally.

For years on end, alien’s have pretty much looked like, well us humans. The type that probably has never seen any sunlight sitting in a dark corner playing games all day and night for a very long time, then producing children, then putting that entire process on repeat. Have you ever wondered why an alien who didn’t grow up on earth, would look like a humanoid? I mean why would it? Doubt it ate, breathed or did anything similar to what we do. I mean such simple dietary variance and climate differences on earth bring out such differences among us humans, so why do aliens on the big screen look like us in some way?

The answer is very simple, because CGI was never good enough to make aliens on screen look like anything other than a person because you needed a person dressed up in some outfit to portray the alien. So naturally aliens on screen look like us because there is an actor inside portraying this alien in some way. Unless of course it is the Aliens made by Ridley Scott in which case they can look like Raptors crossed with prawns. Even then though they still have a slightly humanoid movement to them sometimes, you guessed it, because a human is involved in its acting. But as Aliens went from part 1 to 3 and had some spin offs, the Aliens in Ridley Scotts even became less humanoid, you guessed it CGI.

Below the original Alien 1986aliens-large_transqvzuuqpflyliwib6ntmjwfsvwez_ven7c6bhu2jjnt8


AVPR’s Predator



Now this is where it gets interesting.

The more an alien is more humanoid like, the more it is going to have languages and customs that are like us, so basically the less “alien” it is. For it to be a super  mindbogglingly strange – alien, it needs to be less humanoid. Welcome to the age of CGI actually now being able to contribute to the story line.

Hollywood has been plagued with, “more graphics, better movie” syndrome for a long time now. I think now that CGI is at a certain level the plots of stories can be a lot deeper because you do not need to have a human portraying the alien. A great example is the movie arrivals (spoiler alert coming)

These aliens are the furthest from humans that could be physically possible, think squid meets  hand floating/moving/walking in some type of atmosphere that does not correlate to anything we know, what this in turn enables is that they also do not communicate in any form in which we would conceive to be like minded. This opens a whole new way of communicating ideas and language. If you speak more than one language you will already know that each language enables you to think in a different way. Imagine knowing a form of communication that would enable a state of “thinking” that was completely different to what you could imagine? That’s when things like, time travel, timelessness, teleportation well so many other things become scientifically plausible and less Harry Potter like.  I think some really good Sci Fi movies are on the way.