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K-2SO a sign of things to come? The rules of war in automated war machines.

I really enjoyed the new star wars movie, Rogue one. Great story line, great casting and acting. It was probably more a war movie than a traditional science fiction film, think of Saving Private Ryan meets Star Wars.

Many of the characters were interesting, Donnie Yen did brilliantly with  Chirrut Îmwe, who was a character close to the force, but not a Jedi and seeing Darth Vadar again as a full in depth evil overlord was fabulous.… Read More

It’s Popcorn Time – New ransomware, decrypt your files by infecting other users.


A new ransomware is loose on the internet, but it comes with a twist – a ‘referral’ program that you most definitely want to avoid, or do you?

Similar in design to the infamous CryptoLocker, ‘Popcorn Time’ locks and encrypts your Windows files with AES-256 encryption, an incredibly strong encryption algorithm that is almost impossible to crack, unless you pay a ransom of one bitcoin ($780 USD at time of writing).… Read More

Pebble – From Kickstarter sensation to Fitbit shutdown

I was one of the first to back Pebble, it was the first smartwatch, the first decent one. This proves however that being first doesn’t guarantee success.

When Pebble was taking on Apple and Google it was a real David vs Goliath story, the acquisition by Fitbit could have been a good thing for Fitbit, because even Apple has changed the smartwatch into another fitness device with add on features strapped to your wrist.… Read More