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Facebook to fight fake news – with some help of course.

So it looks like Facebook has taken a step in dealing with the endless amount of fake news being circulated and then re-circulated.

Facebook has vowed to stop fake news and hoaxes being spreed.

If you are not already aware, this is a real issue, in a day and age where being first is more important than being true, endless amounts of stories that are being shared are simply not true.… Read More

K-2SO a sign of things to come? The rules of war in automated war machines.

I really enjoyed the new star wars movie, Rogue one. Great story line, great casting and acting. It was probably more a war movie than a traditional science fiction film, think of Saving Private Ryan meets Star Wars.

Many of the characters were interesting, Donnie Yen did brilliantly with  Chirrut Îmwe, who was a character close to the force, but not a Jedi and seeing Darth Vadar again as a full in depth evil overlord was fabulous.… Read More

Jessica Alba leaked sex tape – How bad it really is.

If you have come across the Jessica Alba leaked sex link in Facebook, before you click on it, be warned.

Jessica Alba is being used bait for a scam that tricks people into installing malicious code into their computer.

Now the difference between you willingly installing a bad program into your computer and a virus is, well you give it permission, it will ask you, “do you want to open or install this?” when you click yes, there it is.… Read More

3 Reasons to upgrade to faster, better computers

It is no secret that older computers run slow and cost your business directly in repairs and downtime. In addition to this your customers data is probably at risk in and in turn you are risking your business.

1) Increased Productivity

Productivity comes from having less input than output, so in a business case, if you or your employee  could save just two hours a week by using a more capable PC that was faster or more mobile and  could for example handle an additional external monitor, how much of a saving would that two hours multiplied by 52 weeks per year be?… Read More