An Exciting new Thin and light laptop computer coming, Wait the MacBook Pro? nah

I just did some digging around and it looks like a really nice thin and light notebook computer with actual ports you can use is on the horizon.



It’s no secret (from my recent posts) I kind have gotten tired of Apples approach to the PC, the iphone is awesome and the ipad is very usable, but for $5000 I really expected more from the MacBook Pro.  My Apple fanboy Macboy status is up for negotiating.

I am subscribed to the Venom Newsletter and the first notice came from there.

Venom if you don’t already know are a boutique manufacturer that I have been following very closely and they make some awesome kit.

The focus with Venom is around performance. Performance before everything which naturally means reliability and they do it all it in black. The result is pitch black magical personal computing.

So what is the BlackBook?

Let’s start at the top the BlackBook X

Basically it’s the most insane laptop anyone could ever make. The world’s most powerful laptop computer is the BlackBook X. I have been told that with the launch of Intel’s new Kaby Lake processor the 7th Gen processor, Venom will release their Black monstrosity from hell in around Jan/Feb 2017. Better to signup to their newsletter if you want to know the exact date for the BlackBook X.

Next is the BlackBook.

This is their flagship model, it is for the creative types and also for the gamers. I have been told some magic is happening here and that they will have a new model around Feb/March 2017 as well. This is for people who basically need 3D graphics. It is worth mentioning that any BlackBook murders the brand new MacBook Pro, even the oldest BlackBook out does the 2016/2017 MacBook Pro.

Next comes what all the talk is about right now.

The Venom BlackBook Zero.

Venom have done a lot here, their BlackBook Zeros are multi award winning and have some radical features when compared to a lot of what everyone else was doing. Basically super quick drives and they had a dual drive design. Now as SSD are now cheaper, they decided to go even thinner and use the one SSD instead of having two drives, simply because they can.

The BlackBook Zero is the laptop for everyday users who want something quick, reliable and nice. Basically the MacBook for the windows user.


The Venom BlackBook Zero 13  is a multi award winning BlackBook.

So Venom just announced that they are releasing a new Venom BlackBook Zero 14, from what I can see it is going to be something like this:

A thin and light ultrabook type laptop that seems to be made of metal. It also has a lot of ports and from what I can see the thickest part of it is about as thick as a USB port. A really nice touch pad and proper keyboard with real keys (the new macbook range keys suck, that is if you actually have to type anything) and the BlackBook Zero is going to have at least 8 hours battery life since “All Day Long” is mentioned.


The thing with Venom is, their BlackBook Zero, which is the least powerful of their range, has in power what the Apple MacBook Pro has. If it has ports and is well built, thin and light with a long battery life. I will go from being a MacBookBoy to a BlackBookBoy.

The base Venom BlackBook Zero is where the Apple MacBook Pro starts, except its thinner and has more connectivity. Going back to windows never looked so tempting.

See for yourself here.