About Us


Today’s Tech Report was formed by a group of tech guys with experience in manufacturing, sales, distribution and retailing of computers. Our in and out has always been the personal computer. This is the common glue bonding us all together. While there has been a move in recent times from connecting screens to terminals, (The PC)  to connecting mindless devices to distant main frames (Internet of Things, IOT),  we believe the PC is still the central main piece of computing tech. We do like other devices as well, but they are like the side salad ordered along with your steak.

Our main editor Bob Smith is both a co-founder and full time writer and investigator who has over 20 years in the computer industry. Bob started Today’s Tech Report as a hobby and it has evolved into his main thing. His view on tech is from both a consumer of technology, and a designer and maker of technology, giving a unique view point to products that are now mostly viewed from strictly a “box opening” point of view. He wanted to bring an investigative, quirky sense back to computer tech news and reviews, similar to how the auto industry was losing its soul with new and unemotionally exciting products and product coverage. They had a Jeremey Clarkson to counter this, put in his words. “We need a Clarkson of computers today”.

There are numerous guest writers and sometimes ghost writers on TTR, who are a little too afraid to write their true insider feelings because of the nature of their day to day work as well. So have fun trying to spot them.

Today’s Tech Report does receive private funding and advertising funding from various public and private tech companies and groups in the world. This is how we keep our writers from being hungry and our servers from running out of juice.