3 Reasons to upgrade to faster, better computers

It is no secret that older computers run slow and cost your business directly in repairs and downtime. In addition to this your customers data is probably at risk in and in turn you are risking your business.

1) Increased Productivity

Productivity comes from having less input than output, so in a business case, if you or your employee  could save just two hours a week by using a more capable PC that was faster or more mobile and  could for example handle an additional external monitor, how much of a saving would that two hours multiplied by 52 weeks per year be?


2) Hardware Security

As time goes on, it is quickly becoming apparent that a data breach caused by one of your servers, or computers leaking data to the wide world could be fatal. A good example of such an extreme catastrophic leak is with the Ashley Madison data breach. I am not saying that specific site was good or bad, just giving an example of a breach that ended up blowing out of control.


3) Choice

There are endless formats and ways to to use a computer, from the humble traditional desktop to space saving portable computers, you no longer have to sacrifice capability and capacity for convenience. These choices enable you to do more than you traditionally would have been able too. A good laptop like the Venom BlackBook Zero will allow you to use, external screens, have a long battery life, do all the work you would normally do on your desktop, comfortably on the go.