2 in 1 computing – The final verdict

This segment is a real tough one,  TTR (Todays Tech Report) has mentioned this segment significantly in the past. It is starting to mature now, though it seems the tech community is still trying to make this concept work.

I am going to call it now. 2 in 1s will never work, simply because you cannot have something that can be great at the other part without compromising on the first.

The best example is with cars, it is a mature industry with endless designs and  the auto industry has been making convertible cars forever, while modern convertibles are awesome, they never perform as good as there straight coupe counterparts. So if you didn’t have it available in a coupe, it would be a great choice. But since the primary purpose of the car is for it to drive well, then the coupe is always going to driver better than the convertible.

The current 2:1s are either detachable laptops like the Microsoft Surface pro which are more tablet than notebook, giving a really good tablet experience but an average notebook experience,.


Or:  The Lenovo Yoga convertible style laptops which gives it a really good notebook computer experience but an average tablet experience . Either way you need to compromise on something.


There were a few other attempts with swivel designs, frame flipping designs, they dont seem to have made it though so I will ignore them at this point.

I like the way Venom approach this, simply by stating the Venom BlackBook is the ultimate clam-shell notebook computer, I repeatedly hear from Venom that they “are reinventing the same notebook”  which in essence means they are making what they make best, better. A really great notebook computer, not trying to be something else.


A good clean approach to personal computing is what is best. After all, my smart phone is best for phone calls, snapchat, instagram and mobile banking, while my ipad I enjoy for shopping or reading while I am on my couch, and my laptop is awesome for work and getting my things done. No doubt you can have all sorts of in between devices that make some people happy, but I think in a world of endless choices, I just want the right device for the job at hand to do it in the best way possible.